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By definition, an oikos is an “extended household.” At any point in time, we are surrounded by a unique group of eight to fifteen people, with whom we share life most closely. The oikos is the most natural and common environment for evangelism and discipleship to take place. In fact, 95% of all believers give credit to someone in their oikos for leading them to Jesus. So it’s a big deal. Here are some helpful definitions as you dig deeper.

Helpful Definitions


We’ve found that there tend to be five categories that your relationships fall into when it comes to their walk with God. When we list each person in our oikos, it helps keep them on the front of our minds so we can pray regularly for them and take advantage of ministry opportunities as they come.

  1. List
  2. Pray
  3. Invest
  4. Invite
  5. Prepare

The Oikos Principle is not a ministry program. It’s not an event. It’s not a church emphasis. Actually, oikos is like a worldview, a set of lenses through which you can more simply and efficiently plan your day, organize your life, or even strategically build a local church. You’ll discover that the Oikos Principle is embedded in the New Testament. Effectively leveraging it can provide you with a heightened sense of purpose and fulfillment, and give you the confidence you lack to make an impact for God’s Kingdom in your world!



As a faith leader, do you sometimes feel like you’re not reaching enough people? Do you worry that the size of your church is an indication of your ability to impact the culture?

You don’t need to, because creating real and effective change doesn’t mean you need the big stage to be successful. Real worldchange starts with the impact you have on your oikos, the people who are part of your world. Learn the strategy that can revolutionize your life, revitalize your church and reach your world for Jesus.

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